Our Results Verification Service provides a secure and reliable way to verify candidates’ results for both Skills for Languages ESOL and Skills for Language SELT exams.

Once candidates are notified of their ESOL & SELT Exam results, they can email them directly from their skills for Language account to the institution they are applying to for instant review. Alternatively, candidates can download a copy of their results to send as an attachment or printed copy as part of their application process.

If a Higher Education Institution, government body or organisation receives an attached or hard-copy version of the Statement of Results (SoR) or Test Report, Skills for Language recommends its verification via our Results Verification Service.

Verify Skills for Language International ESOL results

Enter the candidate’s date of birth, candidate number and exam session ID found on their SoR.

Verify Skills for Language SELT results

Enter the candidate’s date of birth and Unique Reference Number (URN) found on their Test Report.

The minimum Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level required varies depending on visa type. Applicants with a higher language level can take an exam above the minimum requirement as long as it assesses the same skills that also satisfy the visa application.

Visa requirement information is subject to change. Applicants should refer to UK Government guidance on English language exams for visas and are responsible for ensuring they take the correct exam. Applicants are advised to contact their sponsors to confirm which CEFR level they require before registering for an exam.

Statement of Results (SoR)

Skills for Language International ESOL results are issued in a SoR that is uploaded to the candidate’s online account. Two separate SoRs are provided for Written (Listening, Reading, Writing) and Spoken (Speaking) exams.

Information provided:

  • Exam level
  • Overall achievement (High Pass, Pass or Fail)
  • Numerical results per skill

Test Report

SELT results are issued in a Test Report that is uploaded to the candidate’s online account. Results for all skills are reported on the same Test Report.

Information provided:

  • Exam level
  • Numerical results per skill


All candidates who pass a Skills for Language exam are awarded a hard-copy certificate.

Hard-copy certificates provide information on the exam and the candidate’s overall achievement but do not separate results per skill. For a breakdown of results per skill, please refer to the SoR or Test Report.