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Applicants looking to join family, extend a stay or apply for citizenship in the UK may need to take a 2-skills (Speaking & Listening) seltukvisa to prove their English language proficiency as part of their Leave to Remain or British citizenship visa application. All seltukvisa exams are delivered through our global network of SELT Centres.

The minimum Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level required varies depending on visa type. Applicants with a higher language level can take a Speaking & Listening exam above the minimum requirement which also satisfies the visa application.

Visa requirement information is subject to change. Applicants should refer to UK Government guidance on English language exams for visas and are responsible for ensuring they take the correct exam.

Application type

Minimum CEFR level

Skills required

Skills for Language SELT exam

Further, Leave to Remain:
Family life as a partner of a settled person (spouse/partner)
Family life as a parent (parent of a dependent)


Speaking & Listening

 SELT A1 (Speaking & Listening)

Further Leave to Remain (visa extension):
Family life as a partner of a settled person (spouse/partner)
Family life as a parent (parent of a dependent)
A Skills for Language SELT ESOL exam is required for family route Leave to Remain applications after 2.5 years in the UK.


Speaking & Listening

SELT A2 (Speaking & Listening)

Indefinite Leave to Remain — ILR (Settlement/permanent residency)


Speaking & Listening

 SELT B1 (Speaking & Listening)

British Citizenship (Naturalisation)


Speaking & Listening

 SELT B1 (Speaking & Listening)

Why choose Selt for UK Visa

Applicants can be confident that they will enjoy a fast exam process from scheduling to results by selecting a reliable Skills for Language SELT exam and will always be supported by Skills for Language’s friendly customer service 24/7/365.


  • Easy exam booking up to 24hrs in advance 
  • Many exam locations and slots available worldwide
  • Fast results in 3 to 5 working days


  • Fair testing of real-life language skills
  • Accurate results validated through independent research
  • Award-winning technology delivers exams
  • Of equal regulated


  • Exams tailored to candidates’ schedules
  • Technology combined with a human element
  • Speaking exams are carried out by a real person online
  • Customer service 24/7/365

Exam preparation

Seltforukvisa assists candidates every step of the way by offering free preparation material and other support needed for the exam. This includes practice papers, recommended books, webinars and world-class customer service24/7/365 in multiple languages.